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Month: June 2018

Free Legal Advice For Marijuana DUI Cases

Free Legal Advice For Marijuana DUI Cases Our office is seeing a lot more marijuana DUI cases recently. We believe that this is because as we get closer to legalizing marijuana, people believe that it is legal to drive a vehicle after consuming. The problem is, the...

Lake Havasu No Wake Zone Penalties

Criminal Violation in Lake Havasu Believe it or not, it is a crime to create a wake in a no wake zone. This means, if you are cited by the game and Fish for the Mojave County Sheriff’s office for creating a wake in a no wake zone, you are now facing a misdemeanor...

Resisting Arrest in Scottsdale

With the rise of social media and the prevalence of smartphones, we are finding that people are becoming braver when it comes to their interaction with police officers It’s no surprise that police officers often times use excessive force and abuse their power....

Criminal Trespassing in Scottsdale

Where you go, and even where you look, can be viewed as a crime in Arizona. Criminal trespassing laws in our state are strict and can come with serious consequences if you are convicted. At best, a criminal trespassing conviction will be a class 3 misdemeanor; at...

Hot temperatures can make for hot tempers

With the rising temperatures, you may notice that tension and stress also rise in people around Arizona There have actually been studies that show violent crime increases with higher temperature.  Heat can make people more uncomfortable, less patient and overall more...

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