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Everything Is At Stake – Get Help From A Lawyer

Absolutely everything is at stake if you are under investigation for a sex offense: your freedom, your rights, your reputation and your future. You need a criminal defense attorney who can tell your side of the story. The attorney you choose could mean the difference between success and disaster.

You can turn to Matthew Lopez Law, PLLC, for the defense you need. With a team of skilled attorneys on our roster, we have earned a reputation as one of Arizona’s premier criminal defense firms. We can build the strongest defense possible against sex crime charges such as:

We have a proven record of numerous successes, including getting charges dismissed, negotiating favorable plea bargains and winning acquittals. With so much at risk, you cannot accept a defense that is anything less than excellent.

Sex Offender Registration: What To Know

A conviction for a sex offense can result in forced registration as a sex offender. The collateral consequences of being a registered sex offender will haunt you long after you have served your time behind bars and paid your fines. The sex offender label limits your job opportunities, dictates where you can live and makes you a pariah in your own community – even in your own family. We do everything we can to defend you aggressively against sex offender registration so that you can have a brighter future.

Get Our Help To Beat Sex Crime Charges

The longer you wait to contact a lawyer, the more time the prosecution has to build its case against you. When you contact us, we will drop everything to begin investigating your case and building your defense. Schedule your completely free consultation with an accomplished criminal defense lawyer. Call our Phoenix office at 602-960-1731, our Lake Havasu office at 928-714-7032, our Apache Junction office at 480-374-8939 or our Parker office at 928-316-0020 . You can also send us an email.