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Month: August 2016

Celebrity with a criminal history

Celebrity with a criminal history Is any publicity still good publicity at this point? Chris Brown has made news once again for violent and disruptive behavior. Brown was arrested in LA on Tuesday for assault with a deadly weapon following the victim’s phone call to...

College Bans Alcohol on Campus

Stanford is being criticized this week in their effort to curb the negative behavior that occurs from college drinking, mainly sexual assault and sexual misconduct.  The university announced that it has officially decided to ban hard alcohol in large containers and...

Can I Get In Trouble For Using A Fake ID?

The most common reason that people use fake IDs, by far, is to obtain alcohol or enter bars when under the age of consent. The definition of a fake ID is those that have been altered, forged or are used by someone other than the person named on the ID. There are...

Photo Radar and Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Our office is excited to announce that we are now handling photo radar and traffic tickets. Over the past several months, we have received countless phone calls from potential clients requesting information about photo radar. After giving it considerable thought, we...

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