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Month: April 2013

New Supreme Court ruling on DUI warrants

A new ruling in the Supreme Court last week limits the ability of police to take blood samples during a DUI stop without a warrant.  The Supreme Court voted to pass this but disagreed on what kind of guidance police will be given to determine when a warrant is...

Country Thunder MIC and MIP

Country Thunder is over but the memories will last a lifetime….and the consequences of underage drinking also have their own long lasting effects.  Police were in full force at the country music festival that lasted several days in Florence, Arizona.  The event, known...

Don’t Let a DUI steal your Country Thunder

Country Thunder is almost upon us!  This large event takes place in Florence, Arizona from April 11-13 and is a celebration of all things country music.  While the music blasts and fans dance and sing along, drinking is also a large part of this festival.  Many people...

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