Lake Havasu’s Personal Injury Lawyer

AAA is a national roadside assistance company that helps thousands of stranded drivers every year. This summer alone, AAA expects to receive over 200,000 calls. The Arizona heat can be hard on our vehicles and tires. It is important to keep up with your regular maintenance on your car or truck to avoid blowouts, overheating

What to Do If You Get a DUI Over Spring Break in Arizona

It can be easy to get carried away when you finally get a break from school. Spring break is notorious for getting a little out-of-hand, especially when alcohol is involved. While getting behind the wheel after drinking is never a good idea, if it happens, there could be extreme consequences to pay. Do not let

Top Rated Criminal Defense Lawyer in Lake Havasu City

Top Rated Criminal Defense Lawyer in Lake Havasu City Whether you are a Lake Havasu City resident or were visiting Lake Havasu and arrested for a crime, we are the criminal defense law firm you need to speak with.  We have represented thousands of people for smaller crimes like DUI and underage drinking, all the

DUI Lawyer in Parker, Arizona

DUI Lawyer in Parker, Arizona I’ll get straight to the point, there is a little trick for DUI and OUI cases in Parker, Arizona that not many, including lawyers, know about.  To learn this trick you will have to call my office to speak with our lawyers about your case.  By using this trick, our

Lake Havasu City DUI Lawyer

Lake Havasu DUI Lawyer When you’re arrested for a DUI or boating DUI in Lake Havasu City, you need a lawyer who will take immediate action to get your case dismissed.  We have represented hundreds of clients who have told us that after speaking with several lawyers, they decided to hire us because of our

Lawyer Defending Bullhead City Drug Charges

Bullhead city drug charges Although she wasn’t directly linked to the 2014 murder of her young daughter, Tania Grogan will have to live with guilt for the rest of her life.  The courts have ensured she will pay her dues for her sins.  Grogan was sentenced last week for drug charges.  During the investigation into

Lake Havasu Man Arrested for Swimming Naked in Lake

Disorderly Conduct for Swimming Naked in Lake Lake Havasu is known for is fun and relaxed vacation-like atmosphere, but one California man took the “relaxed” part a little too far.  Police arrested the man after several calls were made about him swimming naked in the lake.  Onlookers were offended at the sight of the 52

Lake Havasu Labor Day DUI Arrests

Lake Havasu Labor Day DUI Arrests Labor Day is coming up this weekend, giving many of us a much-needed three-day break. The Labor Day holiday is a good day to celebrate the fast approaching fall weather for those of us in Arizona. It is a send off to summer, now that we can feel cooler

Stiff Penalties for Lake Havasu Assault

Throwing Glass Bottle Leads to Assault If Jenelle Evans is trying to set a record, she must be getting pretty close. The star of Teen Mom 2 has been arrested again, making it the 13th time she has been arrested in just five years.  The incident that occurred most recently resulted in an assault charge.  Evans

Lake Havasu Shoplifting Attorney

Lake Havasu Shoplifting Attorney If Winona Ryder taught us anything, it is that even the mega rich can get caught red handed.  Another celebrity has made the news for shoplifting.  This time is was Kim Richards from Real Housewives fame.  Richards was arrested Sunday after being accused of stealing toys from Target valued around $600.