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Month: October 2015

Williams AZ Criminal Speeding

Williams AZ Criminal Speeding Lawyer Driving in and through Williams, Arizona may seem like a breezy open-road drive, but it has turned into a very bad day for many. I have received numerous phone calls recently from people who have been charged with criminal speeding...

Lawyer Defending Bullhead City Drug Charges

Bullhead city drug charges Although she wasn’t directly linked to the 2014 murder of her young daughter, Tania Grogan will have to live with guilt for the rest of her life.  The courts have ensured she will pay her dues for her sins.  Grogan was sentenced last week...

Fake IDs Result in Real Penalties

Students are back at Arizona State University and classes are in full swing. One of the big draws to ASU is the nightlife of Mill Avenue. With a huge selection of bars and restaurants, Mill Ave is a gathering place for locals to meet friends and have fun. The drinking...

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