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Month: August 2015

Tempe Police Altering Safe and Sober

Tempe Police have decided to take their Safe and Sober campaign in a different direction. The focus on reducing alcohol related injuries and crime on and around the ASU campus was put in place in 2013 when the city saw an influx of these problems. There were incidents...

Stiff Penalties for Lake Havasu Assault

Throwing Glass Bottle Leads to Assault If Jenelle Evans is trying to set a record, she must be getting pretty close. The star of Teen Mom 2 has been arrested again, making it the 13th time she has been arrested in just five years.  The incident that occurred most...

NFL Already Doling Out Alcohol Punishments

Well, the NFL season hasn’t even started, but we are already hearing news about league discipline for a player’s bad behavior.  Arizona Cardinals Bobby Massie was given a 3 game suspension for an incident that happened back during the Superbowl.  Massie was allegedly...

Lake Havasu Shoplifting Attorney

Lake Havasu Shoplifting Attorney If Winona Ryder taught us anything, it is that even the mega rich can get caught red handed.  Another celebrity has made the news for shoplifting.  This time is was Kim Richards from Real Housewives fame.  Richards was arrested Sunday...

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