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Month: June 2014

What You Need to Know About DUI Court

The Initial DUI Process The procedures following a DUI arrest can be incredibly complicated. After the police officer draws your blood or administers a breathalyzer, the officer will typically allow you to call a cab or arrange for a ride so that you may go home. The...

Operation Safe Summer in its 3rd year

Phoenix Police Are Raiding House Parties The City of Phoenix takes alcohol related crimes extremely seriously, especially during the “party” months of summer. Now is the time that students are out of school and letting loose, and families get together at the pool or...

Critical Questions To Ask Your DUI Attorney

You have been arrested for a DUI, what do you do now? You have friends or family members that have gone through the process, but you really don’t want to talk to them about your DUI. You are afraid of telling your employer, for fear of losing your job. You don’t want...

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