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Month: November 2012

Multi Car Crash on I-10 in Phoenix

Last Wednesday, a man in Buckeye, Arizona was driving his vehicle with his wife, mother and daughter as passengers.  The occupants of the vehicle allegedly got into a fight.  The driver of the vehicle kicked his mother in law and daughter out of the car, sped away...

Chandler DUI – I Wasn’t Even Driving!

Some states have laws that allow drivers who believe they are in an unsafe condition to drive, presumably because of alcohol consumption, to pull off the side of the road until sober up.  Arizona, unfortunately, is not one of these states. To convict someone for...

Phoenix Pedestrian Struck by Car.

Although my office is closed today in observance of Veteran’s Day, I came in for a few hours to work on a couple of deadlines.  As I was reading today’s headlines, I was very sad to hear that this morning a Phoenix man was struck by a vehicle as he was crossing the...

Tempe Car Accident Injures Pedestrians

I came across an article on fox news about an accident in Tempe that not only injured the occupants of the vehicle that was hit, but the impact pushed the car into the crosswalk, causing it to strike a family that was crossing the street. As a personal injury lawyer,...

Yuma, AZ – Pit Bull Attacks a Horse

Stumbled across this article on about a pit bull attacking a horse in Yuma, Arizona  Unfortunately, because of the serious injuries, the horse had to be put down. Although I am a very big dog...

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